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Kohana Framework

We provide offshore full-cycle web development services across diverse industry verticals worldwide with complete implementation and support. Making use of cutting-edge development tools, frameworks and libraries like Kohana and modern development methodologies such as agile and extreme programming assists speed up development and decrease time-to-market cycles. A modular approach ensures effortless application maintainability and seamless integration of new functionality or third party components. Whether you need to build a one-time Kohana based PHP project, get a trustworthy partner for your long-lasting business initiative or hire a experienced Kohana development team – our professional Kohana development group is an ideal match!.

PHP is a commonly used, general-purpose scripting language that was initially designed for web development to create dynamic web pages. PHP code is embedded into HTML and the code can be interpreted by a web server with a PHP processor module, which generates the final HTML web page document. PHP is among the most prevalent server side scripting languages today. PHP has many advantages; it is fast, stable, robust, easy to use and open source (free). PHP can be used to develop secure and scalable websites. Some of the worlds leading websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Digg etc run on PHP.

Kohana is a HMVC PHP5 framework offering a rich range of components for developing web applications. It provides complete supports UTF-8 and i18n, little configuration, and many tools such as translation tools, code profiling, database access, validation and encryption for a developer in a highly flexible system. Kohana main objective is to remain light weight, easy to use and secure.

Some of the attributes of Kohana framework includes API consistency, no namespace conflicts, powerful event handler, cascading resources, filesystem, modules, and inheritance, auto-loading of classes, community driven, easy integration with vector libraries, provides rich PHP5 OOP, GET, POST, COOKIE, and SESSION arrays all work as needed.

Our dedicated PHP developers are skilled at all PHP frameworks such as Kohana and open source applications and have extensive experience in developing PHP apps based on Kohana. They work as dedicated resources for your project from our well equipped offshore development facility in your prefered time shift. We specialize on software development outsourcing, IT staffing and staff augmentation services.

In the PHP domain we offer solutions to a vast array of industries like Travel, BPO, Gaming, Casino/ Gambling, FMCG, Call Center, Hospitality, eLearning etc. Using a combination numerous PHP development methodologies such as Iterative, Agile, Waterfall and communication systems such as email, voice chat, IM we can give our services to businesses across the globe reliably without any hassles. Following a process driven methodology our PHP developers are well versed with all international development standards and PHP development processes and leverage the most latest project management tools like Feng Office, MantisBT , Redmine , Microsoft Project, KPlato , Collabtive , Endeavour Software , DisTract, dotProject , BugTracker.NET and distributed source control and versioning mechanisms like Mercurial, Git, CVS – Concurrent Versioning System, Visual Studio Team System, SVN – Subversion. Our large exposure to latest PHP web development projects have given us a solid background in third-party API integrations including Picasa API, OpenSocial API, Verisign Payment Gateway, eBay API, Authorize.NET Payment Gateway, Google Maps API, PayPal API, Yahoo! Store, SmartCard API, Yahoo Web Services API and numerous more.

We have specialist PHP development groups consisting of PHP experts and professional PHP on commercial and open-source PHP software and web components, libraries and frameworks including PHP MVC, PHPDevShell, Zoop, Smarty, Solar, Akelos, PHPOpenBiz, Recess, Kohana, Flow3. We also give special services to customize, integrate, install, deploy and implement various commercial and open-source application packages including Gallery, SugarCRM, Open Atrium, Drupal, PHPmotion, osCommerce, phpBB, Magento and others.

We specialise in Social Networking portals, Web 2.0 portals, Job portals, eCommerce websites, Corporate websites and other similar web applications developed with modern standards over a service oriented code architecture and following contemporary design trends. Our dedicated Kohana developers can use Kohana to any type of development requirement.

Seeking for Kohana application developers? Kindly drop a message to us and one of our executives should reply back to you within the next 24 hours. Kindly get in touch with us for more details about our committed Kohana developers.